[PROJECT] Rice Wreath Project for 2017 AOA 1ST Concert [ACE OF ANGELS] IN SEOUL


Hi fellow Singapore Elvis, we are back with another rice wreath project as we have previously done it for their Heart Attach Fanmeeting in 2015 and Good Luck Comeback Showcase in 2016. We all know that AOA is going to have their very first Concert in Seoul this coming March 11. We would like to do a congratulatory rice wreath for this concert as we want to show our love and support to AOA and hopefully get notices by FNC or AOA so that we may have a chances to have AOA concert too in Singapore.

Link for Previous Rice Wreath Project
Heart Attack Fanmeeting In Seoul
Good Luck Comeback Showcase

Rice wreath usually stacks of rice bags decorated with ribbons and photos, are gifts from K-pop fans to their favorite artists. Donating rice indicates that fans take greater social responsibility besides showing their respect and support to their favorite artists.


So what can you guys do for this Project to be Successful.

1) Just fill in this application form in this link below:

2) Important Dates: 26th February Last day to fill up the application form.

Fan who is willing to donate will have a chances to get a free 1 AOA sign album [Miniskirt to Heart Attack] of their choices. Hope you guys will able to join and help us to make this project successful so that we have a chance to get notice by AOA or FNC to have a concert in Singapore.
For any enquire please email us at aoasg3007@gmail.com or Tweet us @aoasg_3007


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