[FANACCOUNT] 150417 AOA Sbenu Fansign experiecne from Singapore Fan

Hello to readers out there. I would be sharing my experience of me having fansign during on that day. My queue number was 13. Before when AOA reached to the venue, i was using my phone with the monopod to take some pictures of them before the the signing took place. I was feeling really nervous as it’s my first time attending a Korean fansign event and i didn’t prepared much to say.

The order for the fansign as follows, 1st mina, 2nd chanmi, 3rd yuna, 4th seolhyun, 5th hyejeong, 6th jimin and lastly choa.

When i started looking at Mina, i told her i was from Singapore(from a distance away). I wanted to say i came here especially to see you girls but i couldn’t say it out. So and then she signaled me to come over.

Zachary: “Ooh Hello mina! Im a Singapore fan.”

Mina: “Ahh.. Singapore. I remember you from there”

Zachary: “Really?!!” *expressing in deep shock* (im a choa biased and i didnt talk to her alot during that time in Singapore, so hence the shock) 

Zachary: “Here, a letter from my friend, xxxx(just call him A)”

Mina: *What’s your name?”

Zachary: ” Ahh you meant me, my name zachary. Yes, zachary.”

Mina: “Is this your first fansign here?”

Zachary:” Yes this is my first time attending.. so im really nervous.”

Mina *Aegyo voice* (expressing her surprise maybe)

Zachary: “I watched Modern farmer, it’s really interesting.”

Mina: “Ahh, Thank you”

Next on to Chanmi.

Zachary: “Oh, Chanmi!”

Chanmi: “What’s your name??(in english)” *hehehe*

Zachary: “Zachary. Im zachary.”

Chanmi: “Which country do you come from?”

Zachary: “Singapore.” 

Chanmi: “Ahh i see. Singapore fan, that’s really cool!”

Zachary: “Ahh chanmi ,maknae. For you for you(in english, i gave her a small present aka the reddish stick on ribbon)   

Chanmi: “Thankyou”

Zachary: *Hemming and hawing because i was thinking what to say it in Korean*

Chanmi: “See you later?”

Zachary: “Last.. last year, D-style(chanmi participated in it) i went for the recording. I took polaroid of you that time.”

Chanmi: *She went like ‘ah’ for a few times as im speaking. “You were there during recording?”, Her ‘ah’ went super high pitch when i mentioned polaroid*

Chanmi: “Really thankyou” *Yuna was waiting for me to go over and she prolly heard me saying i went there last year to Chanmi, so and maknae explained to her*

Now to Yuna,

Zachary: “Oh hello there Yuna! you changed your hairstyle so..” (referring to her bangs hairstyle)

Yuna: “Pretty?(in english)”

Zachary: “Pretty!(in english) Ah… a little bit.. we..ird (said weird wrongly)” *Seolhyun corrected me* 

Zachary: “Yes weird. But just a little.. a little. Sorry >

Yuna: “Coming soon(in english)”

Zachary: *showed her some photo*(will explain at the end) “This is me, during sundown festival”

Yuna: *ahh in moderate pitch*  “What’s your age?”

Zachary: “Same age as seolhyun!” 

Yuna: “Ahh.. same age”

Zachary: “See you Yuna. Bye bye. Love you”

To Seolhyun,

Zachary: “Oh hello Seolhyun! Brave family is interesting. I do understand abit but not that well.”

Seolhyun: *Couldnt hear clearly what she spoke*

Zachary:”Orange marmalade… i will watch(in english). Thank you”

Seolhyun: *again i cant hear from the recording she said*

Next to dongdong,

Zachary: “Oh! Already? *giving that sad look* ” (she signed my name real quick before i could speak to her)

Zachary:*showed her the photo again to hyejeong saying this me*

Hyejeong: “When was it?” (forgot to reply her this) 

Zachary: “Last year i went during choa’s birthday, at KAC. Do you remember the 600 day gift?”

Hyejeong: “Ohh i remembered”

Zachary: “Thanks~ See you tomorrow~”

Hyejeong: “See you tomorrow~”

Next to the god jimin diva~~~

Zachary: “Ohh Jimin-eul! Ahh sundown!!( AOA 2nd event in Singapore)” 

Jimin: ” Ahh sundown”

Zachary: *Fumbling over my things look for the letter and pass to her*

Jimin: *Couldnt hear what she said because audio was noisy*

Zachary: “Sorry… ah.. when i went to Choa’s birthday last year, do you remember 600th day gift? I made it myself” 

Jimin: *Couldnt hear much what she say but she roughly remembered*

Zachary: “Is is pretty?”

Jimin: “Pretty~”

Zachary: ” It’s been almost 1 year… i feel sad” (I cant continue further as im stuck between my words)

Lastly to uri choa!

Zachary: “Choa!”

Choa: *Enthusiastic squealing voice*

Zachary: “Do you remember me?” (Did it for confirmation)

Choa: “Of course”

Zachary: “Of course?! Really??!”

Choa: “Malaysia?”

Zachary: “No no,Singapore” *continued to show her the photo i wanted to pass to her and saying it’s me*   

Choa: *squeals again* “I saw this~”

Zachary: “The orange fanboard!” 

Choa: “Thankyou~”

Zachary: “Birthday.. birthday… last year i went to noona’s birthday, and gave you a present” 

Zachary: *Continued passing her the ribbon and letter* “Today i went to apieu store at myeongdong, and i bought it from there. I took many photos as well”

Zachary: *Security guard was rushing me* ” Ahh choa.. see you tomorrow. Love you.”

Choa: “See you tomorrow♥ ”   

That’s all for the fansign. I referred to the voice recording i had while recording during fansign. It last around 6 min plus, it was definitely a challenge for me to converse with them in purely korean. I hoped they at least learn know to speak some basic English for the fans… (to be honest, they barely know English). Of course, everything went like a flash.

One day if you’re going for fansign, not just for AOA, for whoever’s, plan what you want to say, make it simple with gestures if you know you cant speak well in Korean. Considering AOA as a popular group, it’s difficult for me to expect much from them. Im so glad mina and choa especially remembered me for long time.. It’s obvious to guess who’s my bias after all.

Sorry for the long post but thanks for reading it!

-Zachary, Singapore Fan

That’s all from our fan in Singapore!

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